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Leanne Averbach ISBN 1-894469-23-2 $16.95 CDN $12.95 US 88 pp Erotic and absurdist, Leanne Averbach’s fever docu-rides a life examined through multifarious experiences. Through her iconoclastic lens, life as a former left-wing activist and trade union organizer takes shape with indelible moments spent in factories or incarcerated in jail cells. Averbach’s work contains vivid tales […]

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Emergency Hallelujah

Jason Heroux ISBN 978-1-894469-40-1 $16.95 CDN / US 70 pp Praise for Emergency Hallelujah “Walking out your door each morning to a world not quite as you expect it, and then walking back inside each evening to a world not quite as you expect it — that’s the effect of reading Emergency Hallelujah, as though […]

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Early Works

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-43-2 $19.95 CDN 200 pp Pier Giorgio Di Cicco’s literary rise is legendary. With incendiary energy he published 13 books between 1975 and 1986. Each new book was a startling and daring departure from the previous one and this body of work “blazed,” in Dennis Lee’s words, “one of […]

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Dog Eat Rat

Tom Walmsley ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-42-5 Everybody wants to get to Heaven, but nobody wants to die. And in Hell, everyone is naked. Dog Eat Rat, the third novel by Tom Walmsley, one of Canada’s most uncompromising writers of plays, fiction and poetry, is the story of private investigators Trip and Ginger, who continually devise new […]

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Catherine Owen & Joe Rosenblatt With photographs by Karen Moe ISBN 1-894469-34-8 (978-1-894469-34-0) $18.95 CDN $16.95 US 96 pp Guardian of the gates of hell, brightest star in the night sky, the dog is the saucy, swaggering, world-weary trickster whose indomitable spirit has been mythologized for millennia. In Dog, poets Catherine Owen and Joe Rosenblatt […]

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Dead Men of the Fifties

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco ISBN 1-894469-19-4 $19.95 CDN $15.95 US 144 pp From the “endlessly inventive” mind of one of Canada’s greatest poets, comes Dead Men of the Fifties, a rollicking tour through a hopeful, headlong decade filled with jive talkin’ jazzmen, the tallest dancer in burlesque, regular folks, movie stars, and TV dogs. Following […]

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College Street- Little Italy, Toronto’s Renaissance Strip

Denis De Klerk and Corrado Paina, Editors ISBN 1-894469-27-5 With essays by the editors and Giulianna Colallilo; Mark Fram; Beatriz Hausner; Domingos Marques & Manuela Marujo; Richard Menkis & Harold Troper; Gabrielle Scardellato. College Street—Toronto’s Renaissance Strip charts the history of a community that is a microcosm of the larger forces that created the diverse […]

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The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto ISBN 1-894469-30-5 33 Inspiring Canadian Women of Italian Origin Celebration is a collection of interviews with some of the most successful Canadian female entrepreneurs and artists of Italian origin. Created by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, the book features a preface by Elizabeth Bigsby, vice president […]

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Campfire Radio Rhapsody

Robert Earl Stewart ISBN 13: 978-1-894469-53-1 $16.95 CDN/US 100 pp Campfire Radio Rhapsody is Windsor poet Robert Earl Stewart’s follow-up to his acclaimed, Lampert Award–shortlisted debut, Something Burned Along the Southern Border. The humour that many readers found in that first collection takes a turn for the darker here, but the poems are livelier than […]

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Be Calm, Honey

David W. McFadden ISBN 1-894469-38-0 (978-1-894469-38-8) $18.95 CDN / US 140 pp In his first book since the Griffin-shortlisted Why Are You So Sad?, David W. McFadden offers up a gross of sonnets that display his trademark wit, mischief, curiosity, and quirky wisdom. A tour de force of compression, these brief poems — as full […]

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